Dark Energy Survey's Perplexing Discoveries Leave Astronomers Puzzled | #387

Dark Energy Survey's Perplexing Discoveries Leave Astronomers Puzzled | #387

This week (Episode 387) we're chatting dark energy, megastructures, and a fateful moon landing. Andrew and Fred dive deep into some surprising discoveries that have astronomers scratching their heads. A major dark energy survey has raised more questions than answers about the nature of the cosmological constant. Then we learn about a recently discovered "big ring" - a cosmic megastructure over 10 times bigger than anything seen before! What could have created this structure? Theories abound but the experts just don't know. We also get an unfortunate update on the doomed Peregrine lunar lander. Despite valiant efforts to salvage the mission, it seems the leaking spacecraft will meet a fiery end reentering Earth's atmosphere. Such a shame, but sometimes that's just the way the cosmic cookie crumbles in this business. Hungry for more space news and insights? Well settle in and listen up as the spaced-out questions come flooding in from our stellar listeners. We cover everything from the origin of Earth's water to the possibility of terraforming Venus. Yeah there's a ton of brain food here to chew on! So click that play button and let's launch into another fun and fact-filled Space Nuts adventure! See you in the cosmos 🚀
In this episode, you will be able to:
• Discover the surprising origins of water in our solar system and its impact on the search for extraterrestrial life.
• Uncover the fascinating processes behind the formation of our solar system and the birth of Earth.
• Explore the potential for terraforming Venus and the implications for future human colonization.
• Learn about the abundance of water in our solar system and its significance for space exploration and sustaining life beyond Earth.
• Understand the concept of the slingshot effect in space missions and its crucial role in propelling spacecraft to distant destinations.
The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 - Introduction to Dark Energy Survey

00:08:15 - Peregrine Lander Mission

00:13:48 - Dark Energy Survey Results

00:16:18 - Quintessence and Thunderplump

00:17:38 - Exploring the Cosmic Megastructure

00:19:56 - Universe Homogeneity and Big Ring Discovery

00:23:16 - Speculation on Megastructure Origins

00:24:53 - Unraveling the Mystery of Cosmic Structures

00:29:32 - Addressing Audience Feedback

00:34:17 - Formation of the Solar System and Origin of Water

00:37:27 - Slingshot Effect and Spacecraft Momentum

00:40:43 - Terraforming Venus and Atmospheric Cleanup

00:45:04 - Are Humans Stars? Stardust Origins

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