#399: Probing Planetary Impacts and Fire Safety in Orbit

#399: Probing Planetary Impacts and Fire Safety in Orbit

Strap in for a fiery cosmic conundrum and a celestial mystery spanning centuries in this latest episode of Space Nuts! Host Andrew Dunkley and the ever-knowledgeable Professor Fred Watson ignite a discussion on the dangers of fire in space. With a look back at some of history's most harrowing space blazes, they delve into NASA's sapphire experiments, which test the flammability of spacecraft materials to enhance future mission safety. From the tragic Apollo 1 disaster to a perilous inferno aboard the Mir space station, learn how these pivotal events are shaping the protocols that keep astronauts safe among the stars.

Then, shift your gaze to a distant starlight drama as our Space Nuts duo investigates a puzzling stellar eclipse lasting 500 days. Could the dimming of a young, sun-like star be the aftermath of a colossal planetary collision? With the help of archival data from NASA's WISE mission, scientists have pieced together a story of cosmic destruction and creation. Discover how two exoplanets, each several times the mass of Earth, may have smashed together, leaving behind a glowing cloud of debris and the potential birth of new moons or even more planets.

This episode is a testament to the relentless pursuit of knowledge and the ingenious methods astronomers use to unravel the secrets of the universe, even from 1850 light-years away. So, prepare for a journey that explores both the immediate concerns within our spacecraft and the cataclysmic events of distant solar systems.

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(00:00) This is Space nuts. Coming up on this episode, we will be looking at fire and space
(02:13) Fire on space station in 1997 threatened the space station and crew
(10:25) Professor Fred Watson says training for astronauts would be incredibly intense
(14:01) Scientists find evidence of two young planets colliding in infrared telescope data
(22:17) NASA scientists think two planets collided and may have created moons
(27:29) Andrew Dunkley: We've decided to split Space Nuts into two shows