Venus - New Information

Venus - New Information

Professor Fred WatsonProfessor Fred WatsonHost
Andrew DunkleyAndrew DunkleyHost
Professor Fred WatsonProfessor Fred WatsonCo-Host
Andrew DunkleyAndrew DunkleyHost
We've got a bunch of really interesting and quite provocative stories this week.

A story about how volcanism might have shaped the atmosphere of the planet Venus.

And another story about something we’ve never talked about and that is filaments in the centers of galaxies. I used to think of a filament as being something that lit up a light bulb although they don't have that anymore, but these are filaments of hot gas which have been detected and are really quite mysterious.

And we'll answer questions about anti-matter and anti-protons, space junk, relativity, and one question we don't really understand, but it came from Rusty in Western Australia. So that's understandable in itself.

That's all coming up on this edition of Space Nuts, episode 333.

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Space Nuts Episode 333 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley

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