SN366: Uncovering Earth's Largest Impact Crater: The Deniliquin Mystery and Other Space News
Space Nuts August 24, 2023
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SN366: Uncovering Earth's Largest Impact Crater: The Deniliquin Mystery and Other Space News

Professor Fred WatsonProfessor Fred WatsonHost
Andrew DunkleyAndrew DunkleyHost
If you're feeling frustrated and discouraged by the lack of progress in understanding the impact of asteroids on Earth, despite your avid interest in astronomy and space exploration, then you are not alone! You may have been tirelessly scouring through scientific articles and documentaries, hoping to gain a deeper comprehension of the subject, only to be left with more questions than answers. Instead of the expected result of an enhanced understanding, you may find yourself overwhelmed by complex theories and conflicting interpretations, leaving you feeling lost and perplexed. In this episode, you will be able to: 路 Uncover the terrestrial tales told by asteroid impact craters, offering a glimpse into Earth's eventful past. 路 Unravel the evidence indicative of water on Martian landscape, kindling excitement for the existence of extra-terrestrial life. 'Something that's only 15, 20, maybe 30 km across can so disturb the atmosphere that you lose half the living organisms on the planet... Mind-boggling stuff.' - Andrew Dunkley
To delve into asteroid impact craters and their implications, we investigate the potential discovery of the largest impact crater. Located in Deniliquin region, New South Wales, Australia, its suspected existence highlights the phenomenal energy released during an asteroid impact. Profound understanding of these craters can provide insights into Earth's geological history and our planet's interaction with space bodies, enlightening us about potential threats and helping devise protective measures. The resources mentioned in this episode are: 路 Check out the article titled 'New Evidence Suggests the World's Largest Known Asteroid Impact Structure is Buried Deep in Southeast Australia' on The Conversation website for more information on the Deniliquin Impact Crater. 路 Visit the Australian Geographic website to read their article on the Deniliquin Impact Crater and learn more about this potential discovery. 路 Explore the Curiosity Rover's findings in Gale Crater on Mars, including the discovery of mud cracks and evidence of wet and dry cycles. 路 Stay updated on the latest news and discoveries from NASA's Mars missions, including the Perseverance Rover's exploration of the Jezero Crater. 路 Learn more about impact craters and their significance in understanding Earth's history and the formation of celestial bodies. 路 Consider supporting scientific research and exploration by donating to organizations like NASA or educational institutions involved in space studies. 路 Stay curious and engaged with the wonders of our universe by continuing to listen to Space Nuts for more fascinating discussions on space and astronomy.

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