SN350: Questions Time

SN350: Questions Time

In this episode, you will be able to:

Unravel the enigmatic influence of black holes on human lives and cosmic occurrences. Gain insight into the formation dynamics of rocky planets and the role gas plays in space. Understand the role of dark energy in driving the universe to expand incessantly. Scrutinize the realism of movie asteroid fields in contrast to real-world examples. Delve into ongoing research into the fabric of spacetime and the pursuit of a quantum gravity theory.

One day we might be able to get out there and get close to one of these things. - Andrew Dunkley

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

Learn more about the Hubble Law to understand the relationship between the velocity of objects and their distance.Check out the website of the Chandra X-ray Observatory to view stunning images of the universe.Visit the website of the European Space Agency to learn more about their missions and research.Check out the website of the Subaru Telescope to learn more about their observations of the universe.Check out the website of the Keck Observatory to learn more about their ground-based observations of the universe.