#S368: Unveiling the Moon's Hidden Secrets: Ground-Penetrating Radar's Incredible Discoveries
Space Nuts September 07, 2023
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#S368: Unveiling the Moon's Hidden Secrets: Ground-Penetrating Radar's Incredible Discoveries

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of lunar geology and recent ground-penetrating radar discoveries on the Moon, uncovering layers of lava flows and potential insights into the Moon's volcanic history. But just as we start to unravel the mysteries, a shocking discovery on Mars threatens our very existence... What will happen next? Tune in to find out! In this episode, you will be able to: 路 Delve into the revelations made by ground-penetrating radar on the Moon, leading to new scientific breakthroughs. 路 Trek through the unchartered journey of the Chang'e 4 mission and its instrumental ground-penetrating radar. 路 Explore the eclipsed story of the Moon's volcanic activity and its consequences on lunar geology. 路 Venture into the heart of lunar mysteries where a potential core may exist. 路 Decode the impacts and threats cast by solar flares and solar storms on Earth's technological infrastructure. Version3: And joining us to talk about all of that is Professor Fred Watson, astronomer at large. Hello, Fred. - Andrew Dunkley In this episode, we explore the recent groundbreaking lunar discoveries made possible due to advances in ground-penetrating radar. Aided by China's Chang'e 4 mission, this tool has allowed scientists to delve deeper into the Moon's crust, providing valuable insights into its geological history and composition. These discoveries have shed light on the moon鈥檚 history of volcanic activity, and help illustrate its early history. The resources mentioned in this episode are: 路 Visit the bitesz.com website to read up on the Chang'e-4 mission and its ground penetrating radar discoveries on the Moon. 路 Check out the University of Aberdeen's website for more information on their involvement in the lunar geology research. 路 Follow NASA's updates on the Perseverance rover's findings and observations on Mars. 路 Explore the NASA website to learn more about the Mastcam and its capabilities in capturing stunning images of Mars. 路 Stay informed about space exploration news and discoveries by subscribing to the Space Nuts podcast. 路 Join the conversation and ask your own questions to be featured on an upcoming episode of Space Nuts. 路 Support the Space Nuts podcast by becoming a patron and gain access to exclusive content and perks. 路 Keep an eye out for future updates on the Chang'e-4 mission and the Perseverance rover's discoveries as they continue to explore the Moon and Mars.

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