Moon Time - What? | Space Nuts #342
Space Nuts March 09, 2023
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Moon Time - What? | Space Nuts #342

Hi there, thanks for joining us. This is Space Nuts. I'm your host, Andrew Dunkley. Hope you can stick around. We've got a lot to talk about today. What time is it on the moon? It's moon time.
It could be daytime, could be night-time. It depends where you are, but we're talking about real time.
We'll elaborate in this episode and offer up some solutions. There might be a new way to find Planet Nine. We're going to look at some sunrays on Mars and the dark Big Bang Theory. We'll also be answering some audience questions and much, much more on this episode of Space Nuts. "Throughout human history, exploration has actually been a key driver of improved timekeeping and geodetic reference models." The idea is how do you define time on the Moon. Do you have lots of different time zones, like we have on Earth? Or do you have a single lunar time zone? A joint international effort is now being launched towards achieving this. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. How is time being defined on the Moon? 2. What is Planet Nine and can we find it? 3. Have Crepuscular Rays been seen on Mars for the first time? For more Space Nuts simply visit our website at where you can find our entire back catalogue, plus learn how you can join our crew and become a supporter and access the rewards that go with that. Come join our elite family. Connect with mus: Facebook: spacenutspodcast YouTube: @spacenutspodcast Twitter: spacenutspodcst Website: Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here on either Apple Podcasts or Spotify. It would be enormously helpful. Thank you.
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