Lost Tool Bag from ISS: The Mystery of the Vanishing Equipment | #379
Space Nuts November 23, 2023
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Lost Tool Bag from ISS: The Mystery of the Vanishing Equipment | #379

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Space enthusiasts and science lovers, Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson dive into the ironic and thrilling quest to find a lost tool bag from the International Space Station, using humor and binoculars to spot its bright apparition in the night sky and uncover the mysteries of space. 路 Discover the fascinating world of space exploration in the latest episode of the Space Nuts podcast. 路 Experience the exhilaration of zero gravity as you take a virtual roller coaster ride through space. 路 Join the hunt for a lost tool bag from the International Space Station and learn about the challenges of retrieving lost items in space. 路 Dive into the mind-boggling mysteries of black holes and unravel the secrets behind the formation of planets. 路 We talk about SpaceX鈥檚 latest rocket test and how it really was a success. 路 Uncover the origin of water on Earth and how it shaped the development of life on our planet. The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:00:20 - Spinning Sagittarius A*
00:00:27 - Planets and Pebbles
00:00:34 - Lost Space Rocket and Tool Bag
00:00:45 - Audience Questions
00:15:37 - The Earth's Rotation and Black Holes
00:18:13 - Black Hole's Mass and Rotation Speed
00:22:35 - Water Formation in Planets
00:25:47 - Icy Pebble Drift Theory
00:33:32 - Possibility of a habitable moon orbiting a super Earth
00:39:08 - Energy emissions from quasars
00:41:17 - Dark matter stars
00:41:57 - Favorite space conspiracy theories
00:50:47 - How to Send Questions
00:51:09 - Support and Becoming a Patron
00:51:16 - Wrapping up the Show
00:51:53 - Conclusion and Goodbye

Decipher the enigma of the lost tool bag Take part in the intriguing discussion about the lost tool bag from the International Space Station. The conversation explores the probable fate of the bag and its potential visibility from earth, sparking your curiosity. Find yourself enthralled by the veil of mystery surrounding this seemingly mundane item, as it orbits our planet. 路 https://www.facebook.com/spacenutspodcast 路 www.spacenuts.io 路 https://www.twitter.com/spacenutspod 路 https://www.linkedin.com/in/biteszHQ 路 https://www.youtube.com/@spacenutspodcast In this episode, you will be able to: 路 Discover the thrilling experience of zero gravity on a roller coaster, transporting you to the weightless realm of outer space. 路 Explore the fascinating tale of a lost tool bag from the International Space Station and the ingenious efforts to retrieve it, showcasing the resourcefulness of astronauts. 路 Unveil the mysteries behind black holes and their role in the formation of planets, shedding light on the incredible cosmic forces shaping our universe. 路 Dive into the captivating story of the origin of water on Earth, unraveling the secrets of our planet's life-sustaining liquid and its connection to the vastness of space. Space junk is a big problem...cost[ing] a million dollars a shot...SpaceX's technique for improving things...You build it and try it out. If it doesn't work, you think again and build it again. And when you've got a lot of money, that's what you can do. - Andrew Dunkley

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