Europa's Exciting New Images
Space Nuts October 27, 2022
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Europa's Exciting New Images

Professor Fred WatsonProfessor Fred WatsonHost
Andrew DunkleyAndrew DunkleyHost
Astronomy, Science, Space, and Stuff.
Space Nuts Episode 328 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
In this episode, we're going to visit Jupiter's moon Europa because there's new stuff from Europa, we've got new images which have come back from a flyby by the Juno spacecraft, plus some work about the plumes of ice that might come out of the surface of Europa.
Then we're going to go to the distant universe to talk about gravitational lenses with some new work that has been done here in Australia.
We'll also be answering some audience questions. Ian wants to know about Venus and Mars. It's a great Paul McCartney album. I think that's the answer to the question. Also the size of Earth, earth by perception. And Gus wants to talk about dark matter. Or do we have to - yes, we do.
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