Did the Asteroid that Wiped Out the Dinosaurs Have a Companion?
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Did the Asteroid that Wiped Out the Dinosaurs Have a Companion?

Professor Fred WatsonProfessor Fred WatsonHost
Andrew DunkleyAndrew DunkleyHost
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Space Nuts Episode 319 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
Andrew: Hello again. I'm Andrew Dunkley from the Space Nuts podcast, hoping you can join us on this episode. And my partner in crime is Professor Fred Watson, Astronomer at Large. Hi, Fred. What's coming up on episode three one nine?
Fred: We've got some great stuff as always, Andrew. We're going to ask the question, did the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs have a companion object that was traveling with it? That's an intriguing thing to look at. We're also going to look at some new observations of the largest known star in the universe. Wow.
Andrew: Okay. It's not you, is it?
Fred: Well, apart from me.
Andrew: A lot of people would say it's you.
Fred: No, I don't think so. But thank you very much for the compliment. And thank you to those people as well.
Andrew: Now, we'll also be hearing from a few of those people, some questions from the audience about Dyson Spheres, the Barycenter of the Earth and the Moon, and cosmic microwave background radiation. That’s one of the really interesting questions we're going to tackle. All coming up on this episode of Space Nuts. Download from your favorite podcast distributor.

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