#431: Ancient Universe Revealed by Webb & Space Junk Hits Home
Space Nuts July 04, 2024
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#431: Ancient Universe Revealed by Webb & Space Junk Hits Home

Space Nuts Episode 431: James Webb Discoveries, Space Junk, and Ocean WorldsJoin Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this exciting episode of Space Nuts, where they explore the latest in space science and astronomy.
Episode Highlights:- James Webb Space Telescope Discovery: The James Webb Space Telescope has captured images from a time when the universe was only 3% of its current age. Fred and Andrew discuss the significance of this discovery and the stunning images of star clusters in the cosmic gems arc.
- Space Junk Hits Home: Space junk re-entered Earth's atmosphere and struck a house in Florida. Discover the details of this near-disaster and the legal implications for NASA.
- Life in Ocean Worlds: Could life exist in the hydrothermal vents of ocean worlds like Europa and Enceladus? A new study suggests it's possible. Fred dives into the research and what it means for the search for extraterrestrial life.
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