#430: Dark Energy Theories & Voyager's Cosmic Rays: Your Queries Answered
Space Nuts June 30, 2024
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#430: Dark Energy Theories & Voyager's Cosmic Rays: Your Queries Answered

Space Nuts Q&A: Black Holes, Voyager 1, and Atmospheric TubesJoin Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this lively Q&A edition of Space Nuts, where they tackle intriguing questions from listeners Geoff, Paddy, and Oliver. From the mysteries of black holes to the adventures of Voyager 1, this episode is packed with cosmic insights.Episode Highlights:- **Black Holes and Radiation**: Young listener Oliver from Queensland poses a fascinating question about why radiation from black holes doesn't get sucked back in and whether black holes could be creating dark energy. Fred explains the concept of Hawking radiation and delves into the theories connecting black holes to dark energy.- **Voyager 1's Journey**: Paddy from Northern Ireland asks about cosmic rays, the recent drama with Voyager 1, and how NASA manages to communicate with such a distant spacecraft. Fred discusses the nature of cosmic rays, the shielding effect of Earth's atmosphere, and the impressive technology of the Deep Space Network.- **Atmospheric Tubes**: Geoff from the Isle of Wight presents a "what if" scenario involving a magic pipe extending into space. Fred explores the physics behind atmospheric pressure and gravitational pull, explaining why such a pipe wouldn't suck out Earth's atmosphere
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