#428: Dark Matter Mysteries & Sci-Fi Innovations: Listener Queries Answered
Space Nuts June 24, 2024
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#428: Dark Matter Mysteries & Sci-Fi Innovations: Listener Queries Answered

Space Nuts Q&A: Dark Matter, Big Bang, and Sci-Fi TechJoin Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this engaging Q&A edition of Space Nuts, where they address intriguing questions from listeners Michael, Rennie, Joseph, and Ralph. From the mysterious nature of dark matter to the energetic comparison between the Big Bang and supernovas, this episode is packed with cosmic insights.Episode Highlights:- Dark Matter: Michael from Illinois asks if dark matter could be the fabric of space-time. Fred explains why dark matter warps space rather than being the fabric itself and delves into the ongoing search for its true nature.
- Sci-Fi Tech: Michael also inquires about technological advances from science fiction that could become reality. Fred and Andrew discuss space elevators, warp speed travel, and the manipulation of gravity.
- Big Bang vs. Supernovas: Rennie Traub wants to know how the energy of the Big Bang compares to the most powerful supernovas or gamma-ray bursts. Fred highlights the vast difference in energy levels, with the Big Bang being incomparably more powerful.
- Primordial Black Holes: Joseph from Melbourne asks if primordial black holes could explain recent James Webb images of enormous distant black holes and if they could account for dark matter. Fred explores the possibilities and recent research on this topic.
- The Three-Body Problem: Ralph seeks advice on navigating the complex book series "The Three-Body Problem" and shares updates on its adaptation into a TV series.
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