#427: Martian Mysteries & Space Health: Unveiling Cosmic Secrets
Space Nuts June 20, 2024
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#427: Martian Mysteries & Space Health: Unveiling Cosmic Secrets

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Weird Mars Rock, Anti-Ageing in Space, and Asteroid CollisionsJoin Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this fascinating episode of Space Nuts, where they delve into the latest discoveries and phenomena in space science and astronomy.Episode Highlights:- Weird Mars Rock: The Perseverance rover has discovered a peculiar rock on Mars that stands out like a sore thumb. Identified as an anorthosite, this unusual rock could offer insights into Mars' crust and its geological history.
- Anti-Ageing Effects of Space Travel: A civilian space mission has revealed surprising health benefits of space travel, including the lengthening of telomeres, which are associated with anti-ageing. Fred and Andrew discuss the implications and potential future studies.
- James Webb Space Telescope: The James Webb Space Telescope has observed an asteroid collision in the Beta Pictoris system. This discovery provides a glimpse into the chaotic early stages of solar system formation.
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