#426: Radio Interference & Tiny Universes: Listener Questions Explored
Space Nuts June 16, 2024
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#426: Radio Interference & Tiny Universes: Listener Questions Explored

Space Nuts Episode: Radio Interference, Multiverse Viability, and Martian Water Behaviour
Join Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this intriguing Q&A edition of Space Nuts, where they tackle a variety of thought-provoking questions from listeners. From the challenges of radio astronomy in urban areas to the fascinating possibilities of multiverse sizes, this episode is packed with cosmic insights.
Episode Highlights:
  • Radio Interference and Urban Astronomy: Tobias from Marsfield, Sydney, asks about the viability of radio astronomy near urban areas, specifically at the CSIRO astrophysics lab. Fred discusses the impact of terrestrial radio interference and the transition to LED street lights on astronomical observations.
  • - Multiverse Viability: Jeffrey inquires about the smallest possible size for a viable universe in a multiverse scenario. Fred explores the complexities of universe formation and the intriguing theories proposed by Roger Penrose.
  • - Dark Matter and Angular Momentum: Rosie's husband raises questions about the correlation between gravitational lensing and dark matter mass measurements. Fred explains how gravitational lensing helps map dark matter in galaxies and clusters.
  • - Water Behaviour on Mars: Cam from the Blue Mountains imagines aquatic leisure activities on ancient Mars. Fred delves into how water would behave in Mars' lower gravity, including swimming, splashing, and the potential for belly flops from great heights.
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