#420: Moon Water & Nemesis: Unveiling Lunar Mysteries and Stellar Theories
Space Nuts May 26, 2024
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#420: Moon Water & Nemesis: Unveiling Lunar Mysteries and Stellar Theories

Join Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson for another riveting Q&A edition of Space Nuts. This episode dives into some fascinating listener questions that challenge our understanding of space and science.First up, Mikey from Illinois poses a thought-provoking question: Can we drink water from the moon or Mars? Andrew and Fred explore the potential risks and benefits of consuming extraterrestrial water, including the presence of unknown substances and the impact of heavy water isotopes.Next, Sean from Nottingham inquires about the Nemesis theory, asking whether there could be a small sun or neutron star in our solar system, possibly linked to the elusive Planet Nine. Fred delves into the history and current standing of this hypothesis, examining its implications for mass extinctions and the structure of our solar system.Finally, Rusty from Donnybrook raises a question about the Hubble constant and whether the interstellar medium might be affecting the measurements of standard candles, leading to discrepancies in the universe's expansion rate. Fred explains the intricacies of this cosmic conundrum and why astronomers have considered and largely ruled out this possibility.

From the safety of lunar water to the mysteries of distant stars and the expanding universe, this episode of Space Nuts promises to ignite your curiosity and expand your cosmic knowledge. Tune in and join the conversation!

00:00:00 Andrew Dunkley answers audience questions on Space Nuts Q and a edition
00:01:29 When we get to moon and Mars, should we drink contaminated water
00:09:32 Fred asks whether small sun in solar system could be planet nine
00:16:32 Recent scientific analysis no longer supports the nemesis hypothesis, NASA says
00:19:13 Is it possible that the interstellar medium is causing standard candles to lose intensity
00:26:51 Fred Watson: Andrew, thanks for hosting the Space Nuts podcast
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