#419: Blue Horizons & Fairy Floss Planets: Unveiling the Universe's Softest Secrets
Space Nuts May 23, 2024
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#419: Blue Horizons & Fairy Floss Planets: Unveiling the Universe's Softest Secrets

Embark on a celestial journey with Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this episode of Space Nuts, where they explore a variety of space phenomena that are as intriguing as they are mysterious. Firstly, they discuss Blue Origin's return to the stars with NS-25, a mission that marked a triumphant comeback after technical setbacks. The flight not only signifies Blue Origin's resilience but also the inspirational story of Ed Dwight, the first African-American astronaut candidate, who at 90 years old, set a record as the oldest person to reach space.Next, the conversation lightens with the discovery of a planet with the consistency of fairy floss, also known as cotton candy or candy floss. WASP-193b, a gas giant that defies the norms of density and composition, leaves astronomers scratching their heads. How does a planet become so 'fluffy'? What could it possibly be made of? These are the questions that Andrew and Fred ponder as they delve into the mysteries of planet formation.Lastly, the duo discusses the gravitational wave background in the universe, likening it to the cosmic microwave background radiation. They explore how pulsar timing arrays are providing new insights into the 'hiss' of gravitational waves created by countless cosmic events, offering a deeper understanding of the universe's dynamic fabric.From record-breaking astronauts to cotton candy planets and the cosmic symphony of gravitational waves, this episode of Space Nuts is packed with astronomical wonders that will leave you in awe. Tune in and let your curiosity soar to the farthest reaches of space.00:00:00 This is Space Nuts, where we talk astronomy and space science
00:01:12 Professor Fred Watson discusses eating fairy floss with a moustache
00:02:10 Bright flash in the sky over Europe turned out to be comet
00:05:55 Ed Dwight was the first astronaut of colour to be selected by NASA
00:10:10 This is a newly discovered planet, or newly identified planet
00:17:14 Planet in orbit around red dwarf star 1200 light years away
00:21:06 Fred: Some work is being done on background gravitational waves
00:28:17 Fred Watson: People are fascinated by gravitational waves because of mystery 
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