#416: Cosmic Conundrums & Astral Assemblies: Tackling the Universe's Toughest Questions
Space Nuts May 13, 2024
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#416: Cosmic Conundrums & Astral Assemblies: Tackling the Universe's Toughest Questions

Prepare for a cosmic deep dive into the enigmatic world of black holes and stellar mysteries on this Q&A episode of Space Nuts. 
Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson answer burning questions from the Space Nuts community, starting with a head-scratcher about black holes and magnetic fields. Can these gravitational giants possess magnetic fields, and if so, how do they influence the spectacular jets seen emanating from quasars? The duo untangles the complex relationship between rotation, charge, and magnetism.
Next, Pete from sunny Sheffield queries the stellar classification mnemonic "Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me" and its implications. How do the proportions of these star types stack up in the Milky Way, and do these ratios hold true across other galaxies? The conversation illuminates the cosmic census of star types, from the rare, scorching O stars to the ubiquitous, cooler M dwarfs.
Listeners also get a personal touch as Michael from Kent inquires about Fred's most standout project over his illustrious career. Fred shares insights into his contributions to groundbreaking surveys and reminisces about the influential projects that have shaped our understanding of the universe.
Rounding off the episode, Rusty from Donnybrook seeks to understand why fogbows are white rather than exhibiting the vibrant hues of a typical rainbow. The answer lies in the intricate interplay of light refraction, dispersion, and the often-overlooked diffraction in tiny water droplets.
From the nature of magnetic fields in the abyss of black holes to the distribution of stars across the cosmos, this episode of Space Nuts is a treasure trove of astronomical knowledge. Tune in as Andrew and Fred navigate the celestial curiosities that keep us gazing skyward with wonder.
00:00:00 Professor Fred Watson answers your questions on this edition of Space Nuts
00:02:31 Robert from the Netherlands says black holes do not have a magnetic field
00:09:15 Three questions from Pete Ellinger on different types of stars
00:15:08 Metallicity, the amount of iron in a star, varies across galaxies
00:16:59 If there was a project that you could have worked on past or present, what
00:25:21 The hippie telescope was a big leap forward from the existing telescope
00:25:47 Final question, Fred, comes from Rusty in Donnybrook about fog bows
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