#415: From Starliner's Slip to Lunar Lights: A Glimpse into Tomorrow's Space Tech
Space Nuts May 09, 2024
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#415: From Starliner's Slip to Lunar Lights: A Glimpse into Tomorrow's Space Tech

Embark on a lunar adventure with Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this episode of Space Nuts, as they delve into the challenges and innovations surrounding our celestial neighbor, the Moon. First up, the duo discusses the recent setbacks of Boeing's Starliner, a spacecraft that faced yet another delay just moments before its much-anticipated launch. What went wrong this time, and what does it mean for the future of crewed missions?Next, they illuminate the idea of using mirrors to shine sunlight into the permanently shadowed craters of the Moon's South Pole. With the potential of harvesting water ice for resources, could this reflective solution be the key to sustaining future lunar bases?Then, celebrate a special anniversary with the team as they highlight ten years of HIPPI, the High Precision Polarimetric Instrument, and its incredible contributions to astronomy. From tracking magnetic fields in distant galaxies to the possibility of detecting rainbows on exoplanets, HIPPI's decade of discovery is truly something to cheer about.Finally, the conversation turns to Earth as Andrew and Fred explore how satellites are revolutionizing agriculture by predicting crop yields from space. This technology holds promise for farmers around the globe, especially in the face of changing climate conditions.From the intricacies of space technology to the practical applications of satellite data, this episode of Space Nuts is a cosmic journey that connects the farthest reaches of the universe to the down-to-earth matters of daily life. Tune in and let your curiosity take flight.00:00:00 Andrew Dunkley: Space nuts podcast about astronomy and space science
00:01:30 Launch of Boeing Starliner scheduled for Friday has been scrubbed
00:04:47 Andrew Webb: There's a lot of interest in the moon right now
00:10:41 A valley in Norway has a mirror that doesn't see the sun
00:14:56 Andrew Dunkley: Hipie is the high precision polarimetric instrument
00:20:45 Polarising sunglasses can detect rainbows with incredibly high precision
00:25:40 Fred Geyer explores the use of satellites to predict crop yieldsSupport Space Nuts and join us on this interstellar voyage by visiting https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/space-nuts--2631155/support. Don't miss out on future episodes as we continue to decode the universe's grandest puzzles. Clear skies and bold questions await on Space Nuts, where we make the cosmos your backyard.