#409: Eclipse Escapades & Stellar Shadows: Fred's Cosmic Journey & The Heaviest Black Hole Discovery
Space Nuts April 18, 2024
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#409: Eclipse Escapades & Stellar Shadows: Fred's Cosmic Journey & The Heaviest Black Hole Discovery

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Prepare for liftoff with Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson on this thrilling installment of Space Nuts, as they recount Fred's astronomical escapades across the US, complete with eclipses, rocket launches, and the unexpected excitement of space junk crashing through a Floridian roof. Fred's journey is a celestial enthusiast's dream, featuring a spectacular total solar eclipse in Texas, a snowy adventure in Canada, and a close encounter with the northern lights.
But the cosmic wonders don't stop there. The duo dives into the discovery of the most massive stellar black hole yet found in our galaxy, a behemoth 33 times the mass of our sun, a mere 2,000 light-years away. This revelation challenges our understanding of stellar evolution and the formation of black holes, leaving astronomers pondering the mysteries of our cosmic backyard.
From the awe-inspiring vastness of black holes to the personal tales of stargazing and aurora hunting, this episode offers a universe of discovery. Don't miss out on the latest astronomical insights and Fred's interstellar journey that's sure to leave you starstruck.
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 Episode Chapters
(00:00) Professor Fred Watson returns from trip to North America fully jet lagged
(02:40) Fred Watson uses his iPhone to take photographs of aurora in Canada
(06:32) Fred Watson went to Houston for the total solar eclipse in 1970
(11:27) Andrew Gannadar watched SpaceX Falcon nine rocket launch from Orlando hotel
(15:34) A gentleman in Florida had something come through his roof
(17:51) Talking about the ISS brings back memories of our 1960s trip to Kennedy
(18:33) Life size replica of Hubble space telescope at Kennedy Space Centre
(22:52) Most massive stellar black hole yet found in our galaxy
(24:27) Scientists detect massive black hole in sky using Gaia mission
(30:29) Andrew Dunkley welcomes Fred Watson back to the Space Nuts podcast