#369: Breaking Boundaries: Solar Orbiter's Groundbreaking Findings Unravel Solar Wind Origins
Space Nuts September 14, 2023
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#369: Breaking Boundaries: Solar Orbiter's Groundbreaking Findings Unravel Solar Wind Origins

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Does the idea of unraveling the enigmatic origins of solar winds sound familiar? Have you been told to study textbooks or watch documentaries in hopes of understanding, only to be left feeling frustrated and confused? If so, you're not alone. The pain of seeking knowledge, but finding it elusive, can be disheartening. But fear not, because in this podcast episode, we have uncovered groundbreaking discoveries made by the Solar Orbiter, shedding light on the clandestine origins of solar winds. Prepare to finally quench your thirst for understanding and leave the frustration behind. In this episode, you will be able to: 路 Disentangle the mysteries surrounding the origins of solar winds, thanks to insightful revelations made by the Solar Orbiter. 路 Extract the coded data from Neptune's dark spot, assessed through state-of-the-art ground-based telescopes. 路 Draw distinctions between the captivating spots on Uranus and Neptune, revealing their probable causes and importance. 路 Unearth the cryptic behavior and structure of gas giants and the nature of tempestuous storms weaving within their atmospheres. 路 Paint a description of the intricate density of nebulae, gauging the feasibility of This is the only opportunity we've got, is to learn what our star is doing, because the other ones are all too far away to study at this level. - Andrew Dunkley Uncovering the origins of solar winds Recent discoveries by the NASA and ESA collaboration, the Solar Orbiter, may offer fresh insights to unravel the enigmatic origins of solar winds. Observations of tiny jets of material spurting from the Sun's surface hint at the potential driving forces behind these solar winds. Harnessing maximum knowledge on this subject is crucial as this phenomena significantly impacts our planet's outer atmospheric conditions. The resources mentioned in this episode are: 路 Visit bitesz.com for more information on the NASA collaboration and the solar orbiter. 路 Check out the article on bitesz.com for a detailed explanation of the observations made by the Solar Orbiter. 路 Learn more about the Great Red Spot on Jupiter and its significance by visiting bitesz.com. 路 Explore the work of Trevor Barry, an Australian observer of spots on Saturn, and his collaboration with NASA on the Cassini spacecraft mission on bitesz.com. 路 Discover the latest observations of spots on Neptune made by the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope on Ceraparinal in northern Chile by visiting bitesz.com. 路 Find out more about the Muse instrument used to study Neptune's spots and its capabilities on bitesz.com. 路 Experience the stunning imagery and insights provided by the Hubble Space Telescope by visiting the official NASA website. 路 Stay updated on the latest discoveries and research in the field of astronomy by subscribing to the Space Nuts podcast. 路 Support the work of the European Southern Observatory and their groundbreaking research by donating to their organization. 路 Join the Space Nuts community and engage in discussions about space and astronomy on their official social media channels.

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