#363: Discovering the Unseen: The Voyager Two Mission's Unprecedented Journey
Space Nuts August 03, 2023
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#363: Discovering the Unseen: The Voyager Two Mission's Unprecedented Journey

Delving into the cosmic vastness, this episode brings to light the intriguing world of space exploration, primarily focusing on the enduring Voyager Two mission. Remaining operational for a staggering 46 years, the spacecraft epitomizes the human spirit's relentless pursuit of knowledge, defying its initial design to function merely for twelve years. A central theme is how these seemingly remote explorations have profound implications for planetary safety, exemplified by efforts to detect potential near-earth objects and asteroids. Discover the incredible world of space exploration with the awe-inspiring Voyager Two mission. Brace yourself for an unexpected twist that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Witness the heart-stopping moment when a minor error causes the spacecraft's antenna to shift away from Earth, setting off a chain of events with far-reaching consequences. Prepare to be captivated as you wait with baited breath for the spacecraft to reset its parameters, leaving you wondering...what happens next? In this episode, you will be able to: 路 Dive into the captivating world of space exploration, focusing on the wonders of the Voyager Two mission. 路 Unearth the mysteries of the cosmos through the lens of the Euclid telescope. 路 Discover the cutting-edge technology redefining our ability to detect and monitor asteroids. 路 Investigate the intriguing connections between the age of the universe, satellites, and subsurface oceans on moons. 路 Grapple with the perplexing implications of the Uncertainty Principle in the realm of physics.
'What a triumph for the mission planners and engineers who built Voyager Two! It's been communicating with us for 46 years, and we think we've got at least another decade of communications with it. - Andrew Dunkley
The resources mentioned in this episode are: 路 Check out the latest news on Voyager Two's snafu and potential rescue efforts. 路 Learn more about the Tidbinbilla Deep Space Network in Canberra and its role in communicating with Voyager Two. 路 Stay updated on the progress of Voyager Two's antenna realignment in October. 路 Explore the Euclid telescope and its mission to study dark matter and dark energy. 路 Discover the stunning images captured by Euclid and get a glimpse of the universe in visible light. 路 Keep an eye out for future updates on Euclid's discoveries and findings. 路 Learn about the algorithm being tested to detect potentially hazardous asteroids and near Earth objects. 路 Stay informed about the upcoming commissioning of the Vera C. Rubin Observatory and its potential for discovering transient phenomena, including asteroids. 路 Follow the progress of the algorithm's testing and its effectiveness in identifying asteroids. 路 Watch the video tutorial on how to use the algorithm and contribute to the search for potentially hazardous asteroids. 路 The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 - Introduction,
00:03:00 - Voyager Two Mishap,
00:07:06 - Remarkable Voyager Two,
00:10:02 - Conclusion and Future Communications,
00:11:17 - Closing Remarks,
00:15:37 - Introduction,
00:16:23 - Testing an Algorithm,
00:18:27 - Transient Phenomena,
00:20:00 - Potentially Hazardous Asteroids,
00:22:11 - The Ruben Telescope,
00:32:23 - How Satellites Move and Cover Distance,
00:35:06 - The Age of the Universe,
00:38:27 - Saltwater Oceans on Enceladus and Europa,
00:39:01 - Origins of Salt in Oceans,
00:49:21 - The Uncertainty Principle,
00:49:35 - Curveballs and Questions,
00:49:48 - Keep the Questions Coming,
00:50:09 - Increased Website Traffic,
00:50:37 - Farewell and Thanks,

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