#353: Exploring the Cosmos: Saturn's Record-Breaking Moon Count & Other Space News
Space Nuts May 25, 2023
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#353: Exploring the Cosmos: Saturn's Record-Breaking Moon Count & Other Space News

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In this episode of the Space Nuts podcast, I discuss the recent discovery of 62 new moons orbiting Saturn using a telescope. As a space enthusiast, I am excited to learn about this fascinating discovery, which brings the total known moons around Saturn to 145, surpassing Jupiter's 95 moons. I am intrigued by the method used to discover the small satellites, as the cameras on spacecraft Cassini were not capable of identifying them. Professor Fred Watson explains that the distinction between what constitutes a moon is based on its size, composition and orbit. This episode provides an engaging and educational discussion on the latest space science news and developments. As a host, I recommend this episode to anyone who wants to stay updated on recent discoveries.
In this episode, you will be able to:
路 Explore the impressive discovery of 62 new moons around Saturn through telescopic advancements. 路 Delve into the awe-inspiring gamma-ray burst, the universe's largest recorded explosion.
路 Gain insights on asteroid protection methods like gravity tractors and kinetic impactors.
路 Discuss the inaccuracies in Martian agriculture depicted in popular movies.
路 Contemplate the ethical dilemmas and potential hazards of utilizing nuclear weapons in outer space.
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