01: The Best Of 2022 - The DART Mission from the Inside
Space Nuts December 30, 202200:52:4572.49 MB

01: The Best Of 2022 - The DART Mission from the Inside

Professor Fred WatsonProfessor Fred WatsonHost
Andrew DunkleyAndrew DunkleyHost
In the this, the first in our Best of 2022 series while Andrew and Fred take a break, we introduce our special guest Marie-Claire Mercier who was our eyes and ears on the ground at the historic DART Mission climax. Enjoy!

We hope you can join us on this episode, because it's very exciting. We are going to do a follow up on the DART mission with one of our dedicated listeners, Marie-Claire Mercier. Hi, Marie Claire. Thanks for joining us, by the way. Marie-Claire: Thank you. Thank you for sending the invite. Andrew: And we've got other things to talk about, too. Fred, what's going on? Fred: Exciting news from Mars. Andrew, your favorite planet, Some interesting evidence that comes from the Chinese rover on Mars with its ground penetrating radar, it's revealed some interesting features deep beneath the surface of Mars. Good thing to talk about. Andrew: Okay. Yes, indeed. Look forward to that. We'll also be answering some audience questions about the effects of an asteroid impact, which dovetails beautifully with the DART Mission and Dark Force theory. What is it? Nothing to do with Star Wars. You can find out more on this episode of Space Nuts. Download from your favorite podcast distributor or visit our website at www.spacenuts.io