Supernova Spotted by New Indian Telescope | S02E57
Astronomy Daily - The PodcastNovember 27, 2023x
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Supernova Spotted by New Indian Telescope | S02E57

This episode of Astronomy Daily covers a range of space news, including adaptive optics to sharpen images from ground telescopes, the successful engine test for the new European Ariane 6 rocket, and NASA's PACE mission to study ocean-atmosphere interactions. Co-host Hallie shares updates on the Indian Liquid Mirror Telescope's discovery of its first supernova, and the Ingenuity helicopter's recent flights and challenges on Mars. Listen in for the latest details on these stories and insightful commentary from hosts Steve and Hallie.
(00:00) Welcome to the 27 November 2023 astronomy Daily podcast with Steve Dunkley
(02:01) ESA's new Ariane Six rocket passed a major full scale rehearsal on November 23
(07:49) NASA's Pace spacecraft arrives in Florida ahead of 2024 launch on SpaceX Falcon
(09:11) A newly built international liquid mirror telescope in India has its first supernova
(12:47) NASA's Ingenuity helicopter has been having a rough few months