S03E43: Chang'e-6's Dark Side Dance & Starliner's Stellar Stride: A New Chapter in Space Endeavors
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastMay 06, 2024x
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S03E43: Chang'e-6's Dark Side Dance & Starliner's Stellar Stride: A New Chapter in Space Endeavors

Prepare for a lunar odyssey and celestial celebration in today's episode of Astronomy Daily - The Podcast. As we lift off into the vast unknown, we're tracking China's Chang'e 6 probe on its ambitious journey to the dark side of the moon to retrieve precious lunar material. We'll also marvel at the youthful origins of a moonlet orbiting the asteroid Dinkanish, discovered by NASA's Lucy mission. And hold tight as we count down to the launch of Boeing's Starliner, set for a historic crewed flight test that could herald a new era in space travel.Join us as we delve into the explosive beauty of solar flares with a recent X-class eruption that dazzled our solar observatory, and honor the trailblazing legacy of Eileen Collins with a collectible patch celebrating her achievements as the first female spacecraft commander. Plus, we're toasting to Astronauts Day, a tribute to the brave souls who venture into the cosmos, and unveiling the inaugural Astronaut Rockstar Awards.1. **Chang'e 6's Moonlit Mystery**: China's daring mission to the moon's far side.2. **Lucy's Young Moonlet**: Unveiling the age of asteroid companion, Selim.3. **Starliner's Stellar Ascent**: Boeing's crewed test flight to the ISS.4. **Solar Flare Spectacle**: The impact of an X-class eruption on Earth.5. **Commander Collins' Patch**: A symbol of shattered ceilings and space exploration.6. **Astronauts Day & Rockstar Awards**: Celebrating space heroes and their cultural impact.For an immersive experience of the cosmos, visit our website at astronomydaily.io, and join the stargazing community on X (@AstroDailyPod) for continuous updates and celestial conversations. Until our next stellar encounter, this is Steve reminding you to keep your eyes on the skies and your curiosity ever soaring. Clear skies and boundless wonder to all our fellow space enthusiasts!This episode is presented with the support of our cosmic companions at NordPass. Secure your interstellar journey with our special offer by visiting www.bitesz.com/nordpass. Support Astronomy Daily the Podcast and access the commercial-free episodes by checking out our supporter link.Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/astronomy-daily-the-podcast--5648921/support
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