S03E31: Guardians of the Galaxy: Space Force's New Era & Earth's Eyes in Orbit
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastApril 22, 2024x
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S03E31: Guardians of the Galaxy: Space Force's New Era & Earth's Eyes in Orbit

Join Anna on today's celestial edition of Astronomy Daily - The Podcast, where we embark on an interstellar expedition to the frontiers of space innovation and exploration. We begin with the UK's Vertical Future, as they prepare to take agriculture into orbit with a £1.5 million grant from the UK Space Agency, aiming to sustain future astronauts with crops grown in space. Then, we navigate the cosmos with the US Space Force, exploring the implications of the Space Based Infrared System's transition for global security. We also examine Inversion's groundbreaking mission with SpaceX, which seeks to establish space as the fourth dimension of transport. Our gaze then shifts to Earth, where the European Space Agency's new Earth Explorer mission concepts promise to unveil the secrets of our home planet. Finally, we discuss the monumental strides SpaceX and Blue Origin are making with NASA's Artemis missions to ensure a lasting human presence on the moon. Fasten your seatbelts, stargazers, as we launch into an episode that not only reaches for the stars but also plants seeds for humanity's cosmic future.
**Featured Topics:**
1. **Space Agriculture's New Frontier:** Vertical Future's transformative project to grow food in space, backed by the UK Space Agency.
2. **US Space Force's Infrared Guardianship:** The strategic transition of the SBIRS and its role in missile defense and space situational awareness.
3. **Inversion's Reentry Technology:** Partnering with SpaceX to redefine transportation through space reentry vehicles.
4. **ESA's Earth Explorer Missions:** Four mission concepts set to enhance our understanding of Earth's environment and climate.
5. **SpaceX and Blue Origin's Lunar Logistics:** The collaboration with NASA's Artemis missions to build a sustainable infrastructure on the moon.
**Additional Information:**
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**Host Sign-off:** Anna: That concludes today's journey through the cosmic landscape. I'm Anna, and it's been a pleasure guiding you through the latest in space exploration and technology. Remember, the universe is vast and full of potential, so let's keep our eyes on the skies and our hearts filled with curiosity. For more, visit astronomydaily.io, and until our next stellar adventure, clear skies and bold dreams to all our fellow space travelers!

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