S03E19: Cosmic Dispatches: Reusing Rockets, Revolutionary Deliveries, & Solar Spectacles
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastApril 02, 2024x
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S03E19: Cosmic Dispatches: Reusing Rockets, Revolutionary Deliveries, & Solar Spectacles

**Hosts:** Anna and the Astronomy Daily Team
**Episode Summary:**
Blast off with Anna and the Astronomy Daily Team in this captivating episode, where the cosmos unveils its latest marvels and milestones. Today, we celebrate SpaceX's 260th reflight of an orbital class rocket, signaling a sustainable future in space travel. We'll also explore an audacious partnership between Taobao and Chinese rocket company Space Epoch, aiming to revolutionize global deliveries with astonishing speed. Our cosmic journey then takes us to NASA's open data initiative as they gear up for the 2024 total solar eclipse, inviting public participation in a rare celestial event. We'll visit the lunar surface with Japan's resilient moon probe SLIM, which has awakened from the darkness to continue its scientific mission. Lastly, we introduce the Helioviewer Project's Eclipse Watch, an innovative tool that brings the sun's corona to our screens daily. Strap in for an episode that traverses the boundaries of space innovation and stargazing splendor.
**Featured Topics:**
1. **SpaceX's Reusable Rocket Milestone:** Join us in applauding SpaceX's landmark achievement in rocket reusability and the implications for the future of space exploration.
2. **Taobao & Space Epoch's Cosmic Commerce:** Discover how e-commerce and aerospace are merging to potentially deliver your packages via rocket, redefining global logistics.
3. **NASA's Eclipse of Open Data:** Learn about NASA's commitment to open science and how you can be a part of the 2024 total solar eclipse's scientific endeavors.
4. **Japan's Moon Probe Triumph:** Hear the inspiring tale of Japan's moon probe SLIM, which has overcome the harsh lunar environment to continue its quest for knowledge.
5. **Daily Dose of Solar Majesty:** Experience the grandeur of the sun's corona every day with the Helioviewer Project's Eclipse Watch, building excitement for the upcoming solar eclipse.
**Additional Information:**
To delve deeper into the universe's secrets, journey over to astronomydaily.io, where you can access a wealth of resources, listen to past episodes, and keep abreast of the latest astronomical news. For a daily dispatch from the stars, subscribe to our newsletter, and join the celestial conversation by following @astrodailypod on X. Your adventure through the cosmos continues with us.
**Closing Remarks:**
As we conclude this stellar episode, we thank you for joining us on this interstellar voyage. The cosmos is vast and filled with wonders, and we're here to help you navigate its expanse. Until our next cosmic encounter, this is Anna, wishing you clear skies and boundless curiosity. Keep gazing upward, for the universe is yours to discover.
**Host Sign-off:** Anna: "Thank you for tuning into Astronomy Daily. Until we traverse the stars together again, this is Anna, signing off. Dream big, fellow stargazers!

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(00:00) Astronomy Daily podcast series three, episode 19 comes out today
(01:51) SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched 23 satellites into low Earth orbit
(03:32) Space epic announces partnership with Alibaba to develop reusable rockets for ecommerce
(05:46) NASA is embracing open data principles ahead of the 2024 total solar eclipse #space #astronomy #news #podcast #astronomydaily #nasa #spacex 

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