S03E15: Spaceflight Suspense: Soyuz Standstill and Webb's Black Hole Bonanza
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastMarch 22, 2024x
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S03E15: Spaceflight Suspense: Soyuz Standstill and Webb's Black Hole Bonanza

**Hosts:** Charlie and the Astronomy Daily Team
**Episode Summary:**
Strap in for a space-bound adventure with Charlie and the Astronomy Daily Team in season 3, episode 15, as we traverse the celestial sea to bring you a constellation of news that's as varied and vibrant as the cosmos itself. In this episode, we find ourselves at the edge of our seats with a Soyuz spacecraft launch abort just seconds from liftoff, marvel at the James Webb Space Telescope's revelations of ancient black holes, and dream of aerial explorers on Mars. We'll also ponder the solitary journeys of brown dwarfs and rally for the preservation of the moon's far side as a sanctuary for radio astronomy. Join us on this voyage through the final frontier, where space, time, and human ambition intersect in the great cosmic ballet of exploration.
**Featured Topics:**
1. **Soyuz Launch Aborted:** An in-depth look at the heart-stopping moment when a Russian Soyuz launch was halted just 20 seconds before liftoff, and what this means for the future of space travel.
2. **James Webb's Black Hole Discovery:** Delve into the cosmic plot twist revealed by the James Webb Space Telescope—massive black holes in the universe's toddler years that challenge our understanding of galactic evolution.
3. **MAGIE's Martian Prospects:** Explore the potential of NASA's innovative Mars explorer concept, MAGIE, and its 18 propellers that could change the way we scout the Martian terrain.
4. **Brown Dwarfs' Lonely Endgame:** Uncover the reasons behind the solitary paths of aging brown dwarfs as revealed by the Hubble Space Telescope, shedding light on the dynamics of celestial relationships.
5. **Protecting the Moon's Far Side:** Discuss the importance of preserving the moon's far side as an unrivaled haven for deep space radio astronomy, and the efforts to protect this unique scientific resource.
**Additional Information:**
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**Next Episode Preview:**
Steve and Hallie will return on Monday to guide you through the latest in space and astronomy news. Keep an eye out for more episodes that promise to elevate your understanding of the cosmos and spark your celestial curiosity.
**Closing Remarks:**
As we conclude this episode of Astronomy Daily, we thank you for joining us on a journey that spans from the precarious moments of human spaceflight to the silent whispers of the universe. Keep your eyes to the skies and your curiosity boundless. Until next time, this is Charlie, wishing you clear skies and happy stargazing.
**Host Sign-off:** Charlie: "Thank you for tuning in to Astronomy Daily. Until our paths cross again in this grand cosmic journey, this is Charlie signing off. Clear skies, everyone!

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(00:00) Welcome to Astronomy daily, the podcast series three, episode 15
(00:57) Russian Soyuz launch cancelled 20 seconds before scheduled due to power problem
(03:22) James Webb Space Telescope finds black holes in earliest galaxies
(05:57) NASA is developing the Mars aerial and ground intelligent explorer called Maggie
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