S02E45: UFOs, Hot Summers & SpaceX: Space News Unveiled!
Astronomy Daily - The PodcastSeptember 18, 2023x
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S02E45: UFOs, Hot Summers & SpaceX: Space News Unveiled!

Andrew DunkleyAndrew DunkleyHost
**Astronomy Daily Podcast with Steve Dunkley & Hallie - Episode Date: 18th September 2023**
- **International Space Station Update:** Amidst political tensions, two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut dock at the ISS.

- **NASA's Apollo Robot:** Collaboration with Texas-based Apptronic Inc. to develop a humanoid robot for assisting astronauts in space missions.

- **Meteor Sighting in Australia:** Reports of a green fireball spotted over New South Wales and Victoria. Observers are encouraged to share footage to help locate its landing site.

- **Climate Alert:** NASA confirms summer 2023 as the hottest on record, emphasizing the impacts of human-driven global warming and the El Nino climate pattern.

- **SpaceX & Artemis III:** Updates on SpaceX's Raptor engine tests and their commitment to the Artemis III mission to land astronauts on the moon.

- **NASA's UFO Research:** Launch of a new program to scientifically study Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) with Mark McAnerney appointed as the director.

- **Controversial Alien Claim:** Presentation of alleged non-human bodies in Mexico sparks debate and skepticism.

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