S02E42: SpaceX's Mechazilla, Polaris Mysteries, and Japan's Lunar Quest
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastSeptember 11, 2023x
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S02E42: SpaceX's Mechazilla, Polaris Mysteries, and Japan's Lunar Quest

Show Notes: Astronomy Daily Podcast with Steve Dunkley & AI Newsreader, Hallie
**Episode Date:** September 11, 2023
**In this episode:**
1. **Polaris Star Mysteries**
- Recent changes observed in the Polaris star.
- The significance of its pulsation period in the world of astronomy.
2. **Chandran 3's Lunar Challenges**
- Chandran 3's experience of cold temperatures on the moon.
- The probe's survival challenges due to the absence of heaters.
3. **The Search for Extraterrestrial Life**
- NASA's exploration for technosignatures from advanced civilizations.
- The potential of intercepting communication through electromagnetic waves.
4. **Comet Nishimura's Journey**
- Discovery by amateur astronomer Hideo Nishimura.
- The comet's tail loss due to a solar event and its journey through the solar system.
5. **SpaceX Updates**
- The grounding of SpaceX's Starship after an explosion.
- FAA's corrective actions and the future of Starship launches.
- Introduction of SpaceX's new Starship Catching Launch Tower, "Meccazilla."
6. **Japan's Space Missions**
- The launch and objectives of Japan's Slim Moon Lander and X-Rism X-Ray Telescope.
- The significance of X-ray astronomy in understanding the universe.
**Closing Remarks:**
Steve Dunkley wraps up the episode, inviting listeners to join the next episode for more exciting news from the world of astronomy, space, and space science.
**Tune in next time for more updates from the cosmos!**

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