S02E41: New Lunar Mysteries, India's Solar Quest, and September's Skyward Surge
Astronomy Daily - The PodcastSeptember 04, 2023x
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S02E41: New Lunar Mysteries, India's Solar Quest, and September's Skyward Surge

Andrew DunkleyAndrew DunkleyHost
**Date**: 4th September 2023
1. **New Lunar Crater**: Discussion about a new crater on the moon and its possible origins.
2. **India's Space Endeavors**: A look at India's recent successful moon landing and their upcoming plans.
3. **September Launches**: A roundup of various space launches scheduled for September.
4. **James Webb Telescope Discoveries**: Breathtaking structures revealed in a well-known supernova.
5. **Ingenuity's Mars Flight**: The Mars helicopter's 56th flight and its accomplishments.
6. **ISRO's Sun Mission**: India's first dedicated mission to study the Sun, a Diffier L-1.
7. **New Lunar Crater's Origin**: Speculation that a new lunar crater was caused by a Russian probe crash landing.
8. **SpaceX's Record-Breaking Launch**: SpaceX's 60th orbital mission of 2023.
9. **Upcoming Launches**: Details on various launches, including China's maritime launch and Virgin Galactic's third commercial mission.
10. **Astronomy Daily Schedule**: Information about the regular posting schedule of the podcast and its hosts.
**Additional Notes**:
- Steve shares a personal story about his car breaking down.
- Hallie makes light of the situation, comparing it to the Russian Space Agency's recent mishaps.
- Steve mentions the Astronomy Daily Newsletter, a roundup of top astronomy stories.
- The podcast ends with Steve thanking Hallie and mentioning Tim, the other half of the Astronomy Daily team from England.
- Listeners are reminded to check out back episodes of Astronomy Daily and the parent podcast, Space Nuts, on Bites.com and SpaceNuts.com.
**Closing**: Steve Dunkley signs off, promising more exciting space news in the next episode.

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