S02E40: Super Moons, Dark Matter Mysteries, and Star Wars Comedy: A Celestial Week in Review
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastSeptember 01, 2023x
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S02E40: Super Moons, Dark Matter Mysteries, and Star Wars Comedy: A Celestial Week in Review

1. **Introduction:** - Welcome to the Astronomy Daily podcast. - Host: Tim Gibbs - AI Newsreader: Hallie
2. **Celestial Events:** - Rare blue super moon dazzled stargazers on a Wednesday night. - Saturn was visible alongside the moon. - It was the second full moon of August, hence the "blue" label. - The moon was unusually close to Earth, making it a super moon. - Next blue super moon is expected in 2037, but another regular super moon is anticipated at the end of September.
3. **Gravity and Dark Matter:** - Discussion on Isaac Newton's theory of gravity and Einstein's theory of general relativity. - New study from Sissa Askola International Superior D-Studi Avanzotti published in the Astrophysical Journal. - The study suggests Dark Matter interacts with gravity in a non-local way. - Dark Matter's nature, especially its interaction with gravity in smaller galaxies, remains a mystery. - The study introduces a new model of non-local interaction between Dark Matter and gravity. - Fractional calculus, a mathematical tool from the 17th century, was used in the study.
4. **Star Wars vs. Star Trek:** - Discussion on Star Trek's animated sitcom and its comedic approach. - Speculation on why Star Wars hasn't ventured into comedy. - Mention of various comedic takes on Star Wars by other creators.
5. **Exoplanet Discovery:** - NASA's exoplanet Hunting Satellite discovers a world with one of the longest known periods. - The gas giant, T-O-I-4-660-C, is about the size of Saturn and is 815 light years from Earth. - It has a year lasting 482.82 days and is one of the coldest planets spotted by NASA's test. - The discovery provides insights into the formation and migration of different types of systems.
6. **Sci-Fi Jokes:** - Why did the Borg go to therapy? They had too many assimilation issues. - Why did Anakin Skywalker cross the road? To get to the dark side.
7. **Closing:** - Reminder to join the conversation on the SpaceNuts podcast group on Facebook. - Access all episodes at spacenuts.io and bitesz.com. - Upcoming episodes with Steve on Monday and Tim on Friday. - Farewell from Tim and Hallie.
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