S02E07: SpaceX's Starship Test // Glacier Detection in China // and Unveiling the Mysteries of Magnetars
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastMay 19, 2023x
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S02E07: SpaceX's Starship Test // Glacier Detection in China // and Unveiling the Mysteries of Magnetars

Astronomy Daily the Podcast – S02E07 May 19, 2023.
Summary: In today's episode of the Astronomy Daily Podcast. *SpaceX is preparing for another test of its Starship vehicle, aiming to make it fully reusable for missions to the Moon and Mars. There was a recent unsuccessful flight of the Starship. *The company is also scheduled to launch the Iridium One Web mission soon. *Chinese scientists are conducting experiments to detect and study glaciers in northwest China using aerial remote sensing systems. *European astronomers have observed an unidentified X-ray source, providing insights into the behavior of low luminosity Bxray binaries. *China has also launched a satellite for its Baidu navigation system, the first in three years. *In other news, a new study explores the remnants surrounding the supernova Cassiopia A and the presence of highly polarized X-rays, indicating the influence of magnetars. The episode concludes with a dad joke from Hallie and the host's sign-off. Host: Tim Gibbs Space News Highlights: - SpaceX's Starship test and upcoming launch of the Iridium One Web mission - Chinese experiments on glacier detection using remote sensing systems - European astronomers' observation of an unidentified X-ray source - China's satellite launch for the Baidu navigation system - Study on highly polarized X-rays and magnetars in the Cassiopia A supernova remnants Closing Remarks: Tim Gibbs concludes the episode, thanking the audience and mentioning the next episode with co-hosts Andrew Dunkley and Steve Dunkley. The podcast is available via Spacenuts.io and Bytes.com. Astronomy Daily – The Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts. Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/astronomy-daily-the-podcast/id1642258990 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2kPF1ABBW2rCrjDlU2CWLW Or stream from our websites at www.spacenuts.io or our HQ at www.bitesz.com Astronomy Daily the Podcast now has its own YouTube channel – please subscribe (we’re a little lonely there) – thank you: www.youtube.com/@astronomydailythepodcast Commercial Free Premium version available with a Space Nuts subscription via Supercast only. Details: https://spacenuts.supercast.com/ Please subscribe to the podcast and if you have a moment, a quick review would be most helpful. Thank you… Please show our sponsor some love. Looking to buy a domain name and establish yourself online for not very much money? Then use the folks we trust all our domains too… NameCheap…and help support the show. To find out more visit www.spacenutspodcast.com/namecheap - thank you. #space #astronomy #science #podcast #astronomydaily #spacenuts #spacetime

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