Asteroid Close Calls, US-Australia Space Pacts, and the Quest to Clean Up Cosmic Clutter | S02E53
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Asteroid Close Calls, US-Australia Space Pacts, and the Quest to Clean Up Cosmic Clutter | S02E53

**Astronomy Daily Podcast Show Notes - Episode Date: November 1, 2023**
**Hosted by:** Steve Dunkley and AI Newsreader, Hallie
1. **Introduction:**
- Warm welcome to another episode of Astronomy Daily.
- Steve shares his personal experiences from the weekend, including attending a wedding and a funeral on the same day.
2. **Asteroid News:**
- Discussion on a recent near-miss asteroid event.
- The asteroid, measuring between 30 to 60 meters, passed Earth at a quarter of the distance to the moon.
- The potential dangers of undetected asteroids and the importance of early detection.
- Exploration of the "pulverize" method as a potential solution to imminent asteroid threats.
3. **US-Australia Tech Agreement:**
- Announcement of a bilateral tech agreement between the US and Australia.
- The agreement facilitates the launch of US commercial space vehicles from Australia.
- Emphasis on the benefits of the agreement, including increased launch sites, fuel efficiency, and collaboration opportunities.
4. **Asteroid Mining:**
- The feasibility and potential benefits of asteroid mining.
- Discussion on the environmental and economic implications of space-based mining.
- Challenges and technological advancements required for successful asteroid mining.
5. **Space Junk Dilemma:**
- The growing concern of space debris and its potential dangers.
- Review of potential solutions, including pulsed laser ablation, harpoon and net method, claw capture mechanism, and magnetic capture.
- The need for research and development in space cleanup technology.
6. **Closing Remarks:**
- Steve wraps up the episode and provides information on where listeners can find previous episodes and other related podcasts.
- Mention of the Astronomy Daily newsletter and an invitation to join the Space Nuts Facebook group.
**Links Mentioned:**
- [Space Nuts Podcast](
- [Astronomy Daily with Tim Gibbs](

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