AS02E08: 600th Person in Orbit: Celebrating a Milestone in Space Exploration
Astronomy Daily - The PodcastMay 23, 2023x
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AS02E08: 600th Person in Orbit: Celebrating a Milestone in Space Exploration

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Astronomy Daily the Podcast – S02E08
Summary - On May 22, 2023, the Astronomy Daily Podcast discusses several significant events in the field of astronomy. - The episode begins by acknowledging the launch of a mission from New Zealand, which has attracted attention worldwide. - The main highlight of the episode is the celebration of the 600th person entering orbit. This achievement marks a significant milestone in human space exploration. - Host Steve Dunkley and AI co-host Hallie discuss the excitement surrounding this event and emphasize humanity's gradual progress into space. - The podcast also touches on an alternative method to measure the expansion of the universe, although specific details are not provided. - Overall, the episode promises to cover these topics in more detail and provide further updates on the latest happenings in space. Astronomy Daily – The Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts. Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Or stream from our websites at or our HQ at Astronomy Daily the Podcast now has its own YouTube channel – please subscribe (we’re a little lonely there) – thank you: Commercial Free Premium version available with a Space Nuts subscription via Supercast only. Details: Please subscribe to the podcast and if you have a moment, a quick review would be most helpful. Thank you… Please show our sponsor some love. Looking to buy a domain name and establish yourself online for not very much money? Then use the folks we trust all our domains too… NameCheap…and help support the show. To find out more visit - thank you. #space #astronomy #science #podcast #astronomydaily #spacenuts #spacetime

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