Artemis-1 - At Last!
Astronomy Daily - The PodcastNovember 17, 2022x
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Artemis-1 - At Last!

This is Astronomy Daily, my name is Andrew Dunkley, your host and coming up on today's edition, Artemis 1 at last, off the ground and headed to the moon. We'll talk about that at length and joining us will be Professor Fred Watson.
We're also going to look at the potential of hibernation for long-haul space travel and the meteorites that bombarded Mars in its early days may have carried enough water to create oceans.
And Apple, the makers of mobile phones and tablets and all that other jazz, are about to offer SOS technology in their latest phone systems.
All that coming up and much, much more on this edition of Astronomy Daily. Yeah, good to be with you.
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