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Space Nuts Episode 317 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
Andrew: Hi, there. Thanks for joining us. Well, I hope you do - for episode 317 of Space Nuts the podcast. I'm Andrew Dunkley, your host, and joining me every week is Professor Fred Watson, astronomer at large. What are we talking about this week, Fred?
Fred: Action Pack show as always, Andrew. We're going to talk about more observations that suggest that dark matter is not what we think it is. And we're also going to talk about a new supercomputer that we've got here in Australia. And I'm going to explain why I'm wearing this hi-vis vest.
Andrew: Yes, I'm wondering. It's not a good look.
Fred: Wait till you see what it is.
Andrew: Okay. All right will do. We'll also be answering some audience questions, but Fred doesn't know what they are. We're going to do a bit of a potluck on him this week. He doesn't like it. But occasionally, it's fun to see how things pan out.
So, I hope you can join us for episode 317 of Space Nuts on your favorite podcast distributor, and we'll chat to you then.
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