S03E84: NASA's Spacewalk Halt & SpaceX's Launch Marathon
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastJune 25, 2024x
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S03E84: NASA's Spacewalk Halt & SpaceX's Launch Marathon

Welcome to Astronomy Daily, your daily dose of celestial wonder and cosmic news. I'm Anna, your host, and I'm thrilled to take you on today's journey through the fascinating world of astronomy. In our podcast, we bring you the latest updates, expert insights, and detailed commentary on everything happening beyond our planet.
Today we've got an exciting lineup of stories that will captivate both seasoned astronomers and curious newcomers alike. We'll start with NASA's recent decision to cancel a spacewalk again due to a coolant leak. What happened, why it's significant and what it means for future missions. Then we'll dive into a busy week of launches by SpaceX and JAXA, highlighting their challenges and achievements. We'll also explore China's Chang'e-6 mission, returning with groundbreaking samples from the moon's far side. We'll examine the close approach of two large asteroids as they fly by Earth and talk about why it's crucial to enhance our detection systems. Ever wondered why some planets have moons while others don't? We'll delve into the science behind it, and later we'll uncover the mystery behind a massive aurora in the arctic sky. So sit back, relax, and let's embark on this cosmic journey together.
00:00 Welcome to Astronomy Daily, your daily dose of celestial wonder and cosmic news
01:10 NASA calls off a spacewalk due to a leak in an astronaut spacesuit
03:12 After delays due to tropical storm Alberto, SpaceX has several upcoming launches scheduled
05:09 Japan gearing up for third launch attempt of h three rocket on June 30
06:18 The Chang'e six mission is set to return with samples from the far side
08:28 Two large asteroids will pass by Earth this week coinciding with Asteroid day
10:47 Understanding why planets have moons or don't is a complex puzzle
13:51 December 2022 aurora was unusually smooth and broad
16:26 Today's Episode Wrap

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