S03E83: NASA Sued Over Space Junk & Gamma Ray Burst Hunt
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastJune 24, 2024x
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S03E83: NASA Sued Over Space Junk & Gamma Ray Burst Hunt

Welcome to Astronomy AstroDailyPod! I'm your host, Steve Dunkley, bringing you the latest cosmic updates for 24 June 2024. Today, we delve into a star on the brink of explosion, a stranded spacecraft, and the ongoing search for Planet Nine. We'll also explore new satellite constellations aiding in firefighting, a joint Chinese-French satellite mission, and a family suing NASA over space debris. Plus, we look at racing drones testing spacecraft control systems. Let's dive in!- **NASA Sued Over Space Junk**: An American family is claiming over $80,000 from NASA after space debris crashed into their Florida home. The debris, part of a cargo pallet from the ISS, caused significant damage but fortunately no injuries. NASA's response could set a precedent for future claims.- **Chinese-French Satellite Mission**: A joint mission between China and France has launched the Space Variable Objects Monitor (SVOM) to study gamma ray bursts, the universe's mightiest explosions. This collaboration aims to unravel mysteries of the cosmos and enhance our understanding of the universe's history.- **Boeing Starliner Delayed Again**: NASA has delayed the return of the Boeing Starliner from the ISS to review thruster malfunctions and helium leaks. The mission, initially set for June 26, will be rescheduled to ensure safety and thorough data analysis.- **Impending Nova Event**: The star T Coronae Borealis, part of a binary system, is set to undergo a nova event visible from Earth. This rare cosmic event offers a unique opportunity for both professional and amateur astronomers to observe and study.- **Racing Drones for Spacecraft Control**: Researchers at Delft University are using racing drones to test neural network-based AI control systems for future space missions. This innovative approach aims to enhance spacecraft autonomy and efficiency in unpredictable space environments.

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