A Cosmic Cannibal: Uncovering the Mystery of the Loneliest Galaxy in the Universe | Space Nuts #343
Space Nuts March 16, 2023
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A Cosmic Cannibal: Uncovering the Mystery of the Loneliest Galaxy in the Universe | Space Nuts #343

When an ambitious astrophysicist discovers a lone galaxy 9.2 billion light years away, she unravels the mystery of a fossil cluster, uncovering an unexpected twist in the evolution of carbon in the universe. In this episode, learn about astronomy topics - Quasars, Big Bang, and Carbon formation in the universe - from a conversation between Andrew and Fred about Dr. Rebecca Davis' research. They discuss how carbon started forming in the universe, which is important as we are a carbon based life form. The research found that in the early universe there was more cold carbon than warm carbon and it may be due to the first generation of stars. This research also paves the way for future investigations with the Square Kilometer Array to detect neutral hydrogen during a key phase of the universe's history. Furthermore, there is an example of extreme galactic cannibalism, with a distant galaxy called 3 C 297, which appears to be alone in space due to gobbling up all it's neighbours. "During the period when the first stars and galaxies are forming, a lot of heavy elements are forming because we never had carbon before we had stars. One possible reason for this rapid rise is just that we're seeing the products of the first generation of stars." In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. Australian astrophysicists have uncovered a crucial new development in understanding the evolution of carbon in the universe. 2. An extremely distant and old galaxy, 3C 297, is all alone in space, because it ate its friends. 3. Astronomers have discovered the earliest fossil group ever found, suggesting that galaxies gobbling up their partners and friends happened much earlier in the universe than previously thought. Connect with us: Facebook: spacenutspodcast YouTube: @spacenutspodcast Twitter: @spacenutspodcst Website: www.spacenuts.io Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating on our HQs website at https://www.bitesz.com/show/space-nuts/reviews/new/ - Thank you.

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