#404: Terraforming Trials & Titan's Tantalizing Truths: Venusian Visions and Microbial Mysteries
Space Nuts April 02, 2024
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#404: Terraforming Trials & Titan's Tantalizing Truths: Venusian Visions and Microbial Mysteries

Your questions....our answers!
Buckle up, space cadets! Join Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson as they navigate through a new constellation of cosmic queries in this episode of Space Nuts. In this interstellar Q&A session, we're launching straight into the terraforming terrain, pondering massive megastructures, and the cooling conundrum of Venus. Dan from California, or "Caladan," sparks a stellar discussion on whether a colossal solar panel at Venus's L1 point could reverse its runaway greenhouse effect.
Next, we're rocketing over to Dan in Brisbane, who's curious about the protostar L1527 and its captivating James Webb Space Telescope image. Our hosts explore the fate of material ejected during the formation of our solar system and the forces exerted by our sun's solar wind and photonic pressure. Could the remnants of our solar system's early cloud still linger in the cosmic winds?
Then, we're warping into the realms of science fiction with Star's question: Does scientific accuracy enhance the enjoyment of sci-fi, or is imagination the final frontier? Andrew shares his favorites, from the plausible "The Martian" to the fantastical "Dune," while Fred reflects on the genre's influence on his scientific path.
Lastly, young Ted from the UK, with some help from his father Joe, wonders why the moon is sometimes visible during the day and what that means for the other side of the Earth. Prepare for a lunar lesson that spans the globe!
So, ignite your curiosity engines and prepare for a journey through the mysteries of space and science fiction. Remember to send us your astronomical questions for a chance to be featured in our cosmic conversations. Subscribe to Space Nuts on your preferred podcast platform and join us as we continue our voyage through the vastness of the universe. Until next time, keep your telescopes trained and your dreams space-bound!
(00:00) Andrew dunkley: We've got a few questions about terraforming
(01:29) Recent data suggests Titan probably not as life worthy as we once thought
(04:00) How long would it take Venus to cool down and would that eventually lead to
(08:45) Fred: Dan from Brisbane wants to know about protostar formation
(15:23) We've got a question from star. Um, so we're talking about a proto star now
(15:51) When it comes to Sci-Fi does your enjoyment depend on how accurate it is
(21:59) Why can I sometimes see the moon during the day in the UK
(24:18) Andrew Dunkley: Thank you for joining us on Space Nuts

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