Lost Trade Routes Revealed: The Journey of a Meteoritic Iron Arrowhead from Estonia to Switzerland

Lost Trade Routes Revealed: The Journey of a Meteoritic Iron Arrowhead from Estonia to Switzerland

Space Nuts #364 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
Unravel the Secrets of Mars: Insights from NASA's InSight Lander Mission! Join me, Andrew Dunkley, as I explore the incredible discoveries made by NASA's InSight lander mission to Mars, together with Professor Fred Watson. Discover how the mission's seismometer detected Mars quakes, providing vital information about the planet's internal structure. We discuss the amazing RISE experiment and how it measured Mars' rotation and interior structure using radio signals. Prepare to be amazed as we uncover the unexpected finding of Mars' accelerating rotation and its non-spherical iron core. This episode opens up a world of questions about the mysteries of Mars, its moons, and its internal dynamics. If you're a space enthusiast or curious about the latest findings in planetary science, don't miss this captivating episode. Get ready to enter the fascinating world of Mars exploration!
In this episode, you will be able to:
• Discover the historical importance of meteoritic iron in crafting ancient arrowheads.
• Unearth the thrilling revelations from NASA's InSight mission to Mars.
• Understand Mars' rotation acceleration and its mysteriously intriguing internal dynamics.
• Digest the profound role meteoritic iron played in the development of ancient cultures.
• Decompose complex astronomical topics such as tired light and black holes, making them intuitive and engaging.
The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 -

00:03:46 -
Use of Meteoritic Iron in Ancient Times,

00:10:10 -
Discovery of Bronze Arrowhead in Switzerland,

00:12:26 -
Possible Explanations for the Arrowhead's Presence,

00:14:22 -
Unanswered Questions and Future Discoveries,

00:18:30 -
The Success of the Mars Mission,

00:19:29 -
The Rise Experiment,

00:22:09 -
Changes in Mars's Rotation,

00:27:28 -
Core Size and Shape,

00:30:52 -
The Manhole Cover in Space,

00:36:49 -
Spare Time and Tired Light,

00:40:48 -
Time Dilation and Spaghettification,

00:45:16 -
Black Hole Consumption and Explosions,

00:48:31 -
Q&A Episode Announcement,

00:49:41 -
Farewell and Closing Remarks,

The resources mentioned in this episode are:
• Visit the bitesz.com website to read the full article about the Bronze Age arrowhead made of meteoritic iron.
• Explore the Insight mission's findings and discoveries about the rotation of Mars on the NASA website.
• Check out the NASA InSight Twitter account for updates and images from the mission.
• Learn more about the Twunberg iron meteorite and its composition by conducting a search online.
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