#365: Eta Carinae: The Supernova that Could Light Up the Daytime Sky! | Astronomy Pod

#365: Eta Carinae: The Supernova that Could Light Up the Daytime Sky! | Astronomy Pod

Welcome to a captivating episode of Space Nuts, where we explore the wonders of Mars and the mysteries of dark matter. Join me, Andrew Dunkley, as I take you on an exciting journey alongside Professor Fred Watson. Discover the possibilities of past plate tectonics on Mars and the ongoing scientific advancements surrounding the Red Planet. Unravel the enigma of methane emissions and the potential for liquid water on Mars, holding the key to uncovering evidence of past living organisms. And don't miss our intriguing discussion on dark matter and dark energy, as we explore ongoing research and engage with fascinating listener questions. Whether you're a space enthusiast or simply curious about the secrets of the universe, this episode has something for you. Watch now and expand your knowledge of space exploration!
In this episode, you will be able to:
• Uncover the secrets of space science and astronomy and their impact on the evolution of scientific thinking.
• Discover the power and potential aftermath of supernovae that reshape galaxies.
• Grasp the profound influences of black holes in the celestial jigsaw.
• Traverse the exciting exploration of Mars and the implications of finding traces of past life.
• Explore the shadowy corners of dark matter and dark energy that continue to defy understanding.
• Stay on the edge with the latest advances in astrophysical research, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.
The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 - Introduction,

00:04:25 - Question about the brightness of a supernova,

00:05:12 - Discussion on potential supernovae,

00:09:28 - Uncertainty surrounding a potential supernova,

00:11:15 - Civil defense and protection from a supernova,

00:17:11 - Orbiting Black Holes,

00:18:07 - Spaghettification,

00:19:15 - Gravity and Dark Matter,

00:21:08 - World Solar Challenge,

00:26:19 - Fermi Bubbles,

00:35:07 - Mars Mission,

00:35:25 - Plate Tectonics on Mars,

00:37:31 - Methane Emissions on Mars,

00:38:01 - Liquid Water on Mars,

00:40:16 - Dark Matter and Dark Energy,

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