The Space Development Agency Launch Problems and What Were NASA Thinking?
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The Space Development Agency Launch Problems and What Were NASA Thinking?

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Friday September 16, 2022
Stories featured in this episode:
Problems with launch plans for the Space Development Agency
Northrop Grumman have developed more than 65 variations of their launch vehicles…. quite an achievement
What were they thinking? NASA goes to the public in their search for name for Uranus Probe mission. Hilarity ensues…I guess we just can’t help ourselves.
A new study suggests blaming global warming on climate change may have been premature.
Microsoft’s interest in Space
Targeting Ceres – the closest ocean world to Earth
Alien life – are we on the brink of major discoveries? A scientist with the Swiss government believes so
Today is the International Preservation of The Ozone Layer day – celebrate wisely.
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