Starry Nights, AstroBee Returns, and Mount Wilson's Legacy | S02E48
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Starry Nights, AstroBee Returns, and Mount Wilson's Legacy | S02E48

**Show Notes: Astronomy Daily Podcast, Series 2 Episode 48 - October 9, 2023**
*Hosted by Steve Dunkley, live from Australia, with AI Newsreader Hallie.*
1. **Introduction:**
- Steve welcomes listeners and introduces Hallie, his digital counterpart.
- Hallie shares a story about the AstroBee robots on the International Space Station (ISS). One of them, the yellow AstroBee, has returned to work.
- Steve expresses his fondness for the AstroBee robots and their utility on the ISS.
2. **Upcoming Space Missions:**
- A mission to examine asteroid Syke is set to launch on October 12. The mission will utilize data from the retired observatory, Sophia.
- NASA's Syke Mission, launching on October 12, aims to research asteroid 16 Syke, believed to be metal-rich and one of the largest asteroids in the asteroid belt. The mission will use data from the retired Sophia Telescope and NASA's Ames Research Center.
3. **SpaceX Launch:**
- SpaceX is set to launch 22 Starlink Broadband satellites on October 9 from California's Vandenberg Space Force Base. The launch can be viewed live on SpaceX's account on X (formerly Twitter).
4. **AstroBee Robots on ISS:**
- The yellow AstroBee robot, named Honey, has returned to the ISS after maintenance. It can perform tasks autonomously, aiding astronauts and serving as a platform for research and STEM outreach.
5. **Mount Wilson Observatory:**
- The observatory, once a prime location for astronomical discoveries, faces challenges due to light pollution from Los Angeles.
- Despite its historical significance, funding challenges persist. The observatory relies heavily on volunteers for maintenance and operations.
- The observatory marks the hundredth anniversary of a significant discovery, shedding light on its rich history and contributions to astronomy.
6. **Closing Remarks:**
- Steve encourages listeners to visit the Mount Wilson Observatory website ( for more information.
- He also promotes the Space Nuts podcast and the Astronomy Daily podcast, available at and
- Steve invites listeners to join the Space Nuts Facebook group and sign up for the Astronomy Daily newsletter.
*End of episode. Thank you for tuning in!*

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