S03E95: Near-Earth Asteroids & SpaceX's Ambitious Crewed Mission
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastJuly 08, 2024x
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S03E95: Near-Earth Asteroids & SpaceX's Ambitious Crewed Mission

Astronomy Daily - The Podcast: Episode 8 July 2024Astronomy Daily - The PodcastWelcome again to Astronomy Daily. This is Steve, all the way from down under, Australia. We've got a couple of really interesting stories for you today, including some near-Earth asteroids and the intriguing concept of "Space War One." Let's dive into today's cosmic adventures.
- 00:00 - Steve Martin: Welcome back to Astronomy daily. This is Steve. So welcome aboard
- 01:16 - On July 9, Europe's new Ariane six heavy lift rocket will launch
- 02:59 - On July 21, July's full moon signals its rotation back to opposite
- 04:21 - NASA astronauts to return to Earth aboard Boeing Starliner after crew flight test
- 07:09 - NASA's Goldstone planetary radar system recently recorded two near Earth asteroids
- 16:29 - David Ignatius explores potential national security threats posed by satellite based warfare
Episode HighlightsNear-Earth Asteroids Flyby: NASA's Goldstone planetary radar system recently recorded two near-Earth asteroids, providing valuable data for planetary defence and research.
Space War One: Explore the concept of "Space War One" and its implications for satellite-based warfare, particularly in the context of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.
India's Space Plane Tests: India has successfully completed tests on its reusable launch vehicle, bringing the country closer to operating such a vehicle within this decade.
SpaceX's Latest Developments: SpaceX is gearing up for its most ambitious crewed mission to date, including the company's first spacewalk-capable spacesuits.
Ariane Six Heavy Lift Rocket: Europe's new Ariane Six heavy lift rocket is set to launch for the first time on July 9, marking a significant milestone for the European Space Agency.
Upcoming Sky Events: July's full moon and the Alpha Capricornids meteor shower are set to dazzle sky watchers later this month.
NASA's Starliner Mission: NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and SUNY Williams are set to return to Earth aboard Boeing's Starliner, wrapping up the spacecraft's crew flight test.
Steve's Birthday Surprise: Hallie surprises Steve with a birthday wish, adding a personal touch to this episode.
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