S03E82: Boeing's Starliner Delay (Again) & Saturn's Seasonal Mysteries
Astronomy Daily - the PodcastJune 22, 2024x
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S03E82: Boeing's Starliner Delay (Again) & Saturn's Seasonal Mysteries

Welcome to Astronomy Daily. I'm your host, Anna, and today we've got an exciting lineup of space news you won't want to miss. From the latest updates on Boeing's Starliner mission to groundbreaking discoveries about our galaxy's star clusters and intriguing insights into changes occurring within Earth's inner core. We've also got news on Virgin Galactic's new commercial astronaut crew, the completion of the Ariane 6 rocket's final rehearsal, and revelations from NASA's Cassini spacecraft about Saturn's seasonal heat and storms. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the cosmos.
Chapters- Boeing's Starliner Mission Delay: The first astronaut mission of Boeing's Starliner capsule has been delayed until at least July 2. Originally set to undock from the International Space Station on June 26, the mission has been extended to allow NASA and Boeing more time to assess several issues that have emerged.
- Origins of Star Clusters: Astronomers from the University of Vienna have traced the origins of nearby star clusters to three primary star-forming regions in our Milky Way galaxy. These regions have been sites of massive star formation and subsequent supernova explosions.
- Earth's Inner Core Slowing Down: Since around 2010, researchers from the University of Southern California have discovered that Earth's inner core has been slowing down. This phenomenon, which alters the length of our days by fractions of a second, offers intriguing insights into the planet's internal dynamics.
- Virgin Galactic's New Commercial Astronaut Crew: Virgin Galactic has revealed a new commercial astronaut crew for its next-generation delta class planes, which are slated to commence flights in 2026. This pioneering crew features three notable members: past Virgin Galactic astronaut Kelly Girardi, Canadian Shawna Pandya, and Ireland's Nora Patton.
- Ariane 6 Rocket's Final Rehearsal: The first Ariane 6 rocket has successfully completed its final wet dress rehearsal, marking an important milestone before its first skyward journey. This crucial test took place at Europe's spaceport in French Guiana.
- NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Findings: NASA's Cassini spacecraft has provided us with groundbreaking data that reveals Saturn emits heat in varying amounts depending on its seasons. This fascinating discovery outlines that Saturn fluctuates in the amount of heat it radiates into space.
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