S02E05: Hubble Constant and Skylab: The Latest in Astronomy News
Astronomy Daily - The PodcastMay 15, 2023x
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S02E05: Hubble Constant and Skylab: The Latest in Astronomy News

Andrew DunkleyAndrew DunkleyHost
Today’s Space, Astronomy, and Science News Podcast Astronomy Daily the Podcast - Episode May 15, 2023 European spacecraft, Jupiter IC moons explorer (JUICE), successfully freed a 16-meter radar antenna, which had been jammed for a month, and will use it to investigate Jupiter's moons Callisto, Europa, and Ganymede. NASA's Lunar Flashlight mission, which aimed to hunt for ice in the lunar south pole, failed to reach its intended orbit and is now orbiting the sun. Russian cosmonauts successfully completed a five-hour and 14-minute spacewalk outside the International Space Station to activate a radiator and conduct other maintenance activities. Astronomers have captured images of a star named ZTF SLRN 2020 consuming one of its planets, causing the star to brighten 100 times its normal level. This confirmed the long-standing assumption that stars swallow their planets, and the process has been illuminated. Steve Dunkley and digital assistant Hallie also briefly discuss the Hollywood movie Red Planet and its portrayal of space janitors. Steve returns after recovering from COVID-19. Astronomy Daily – The Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts. Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/astronomy-daily-the-podcast/id1642258990 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2kPF1ABBW2rCrjDlU2CWLW Or stream from our websites at www.spacenuts.io or our HQ at www.bitesz.com Astronomy Daily The Podcast now has its own YouTube channel – please subscribe (we’re a little lonely there) – thank you: www.youtube.com/@astronomydailythepodcast Commercial Free Premium version available with a Space Nuts subscription via Supercast only. Details: https://spacenuts.supercast.com/ Please subscribe to the podcast and if you have a moment, a quick review would be most helpful. Thank you… Please show our sponsor some love. Looking to buy a domain name and establish yourself online for not very much money? Then use the folks we trust all our domains too… NameCheap…and help support the show. To find out more visit www.spacenutspodcast.com/namecheap - thank you. #space #astronomy #science #podcast #astronomydaily #spacenuts #spacetime