The Excitement Continues - A JWST Update
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The Excitement Continues - A JWST Update

Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
Space Nuts Episode 314 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley
Andrew: Hello once again. Andrew Dunkley here from the Space Nuts podcast. Hope you can join us on episode 314, where I'll be joined by Professor Fred Watson, astronomer at large, to talk astronomy and space science. What's coming up on 314 Fred.
Fred: Great news. We're going to look at the rest of the images that the James Webb telescope has sent back, those fantastic images of nebulae and galaxies, as well as a new one of the planet Jupiter. And then we're going to do a story that I think is fascinating. It's about Pinpointing, the exact crater on Mars from which a meteorite that landed on the Earth started its journey. An incredible piece of detective work. All coming up on Space Nuts.
Andrew: In the words of Monty Python, it's spate us in the face, it did. Yes. We'll also be answering questions from Mark in Quebec about what happens to Earth if it gets touched by a black hole. I don't think anyone wants to know. And Rusty wants to talk about quasars. So I hope you can join us on the next episode of Space Nuts, Episode 314. You can download from your favourite podcast platform.
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